Have you ever dreamed about flying?

There are many ways to view the Streif - on foot, with skis, by bike, or with a paraglider (tandem flight). If you want to rise above the world and experience that gliding feeling, this is the activity for you! Simply take the Hahnenkamm gondola up and just a few steps away from the top station you can begin your adventure. Let the experienced pilots take care of everything whilst your flying dream becomes a reality.

Three, two, one.... go!

Firstly, the expert pilot will safely secure you with the comfortable tandem harness. Then the parachute, with a size of about 40m2, is spread out behind you by the tandem pilot. Once you are ready, you will both take a few steps forward, and the wind begins to fill your parachute. With a smooth and light feeling, you'll glide into the air, and your adventure begins.

You can almost guarantee a few spectators will want to take a photo, so don't forget to smile!

Into the wind and away we fly

Thermals are essential for paragliding as they provide upward air currents that enable pilots to gain altitude without the need for mechanical assistance. These warm air pockets, created by the heating of the Earth's surface, allow paragliders to soar and stay in the air for longer.

Kitzbühel's location means the warm air rises up the Hahnenkamm from the historic cultural town, providing the perfect conditions for flying. A typical flight begins from The Start House and benefits from the air passing across the steep terrain and into the parachute. You'll glide over the Mouse Trap - probably the most famous jump in ski racing, and follow the route of the race course towards Seidlalm Lake and returning to the village with a huge smile. 

Only flying is more beautiful

It can be hard to explain the unique feeling of flying high above the mountains.

We recommend capturing every thrilling moment with our provided selfie stick and action camera, allowing you to relive the excitement long after your flight.

Whether you're capturing yourself or the breathtaking scenery, the memories will last a lifetime!

Selfie stick and action camera provided at small additional cost.


Practice makes perfect

Tandem pilots undergo extensive and rigorous training, including over 200 tandem flights, along with years of experience to safely accommodate passengers. Solo paragliders, on the other hand, require approximately 40 training flights, making their training process quicker. The closest pilot training school is situated in Westendorf, where you can also arrange remarkable tandem flights year-round, both in winter and summer.

Every movement feels like a dream

The pilot will explain the most comfortable flying position and when to extended your legs ensuring a smooth landing. One of the most popular landing zones, is the Mockingwiese next to the Hahenkamm gondola. The perfect spot should your friends and family want to greet you by landing, or enjoy a drink at Mocking Restaurant whilst they wait. Our tip, get them to film you by take off or landing.

Tandem - High altitude flight with a difference!

Your chance to see the legendary Streif and Kitzbühel from high above with a tandem flight together with Element3 paragliding. 

Klostergasse 8
A-6370 Kitzbühel
+43 5356 72301 10


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Flight Terms

The following conditions should be adhered to during every paragliding flight to ensure the safety of the pilot and the surrounding environment:

1. Possession of a valid pilot license and compliance with flight regulations.
2. The pilot has liability insurance.
3. Cable car wires may only be crossed at a height of more than 50 meters.
4. Guest pilots must follow the instructions of club members and lift staff. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of launch and landing permits and possible legal consequences.
5. Please avoid creating noise in the air or on the ground to protect livestock and wildlife.
6. No launches are allowed during helicopter operations.
7. Entry of vehicles into landing areas is prohibited.
8. Equipment breakdown should be done at the edge of the landing field.
9. The Kitzbühel Hang Gliding Club assumes no liability for any accidents.
10. Please keep the environment clean.

Offers for experienced pilots and professionals

Whether it's Hike & Fly or a flight over the Hahnenkamm with assistance, there's something for every paraglider pilot in Kitzbühel and the surrounding area.

Cable car prices valid for Hahnekammbahn, Fleckalmbahn, Kitzbüheler Hornbahnen & Panoramabahn Kitzbüheler Alpen:

Category Uphill and downhill Uphill or downhill
Adults € 31,50 € 23,00
Reduced price with guest card** € 30,00 € 22,00
Children € 11,00 € 11,00
Teenagers € 17,30 € 17,30

Offers and prices are subject to change.

More information about flight areas, take-off and landing sites
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