Pure powder pleasure

Freeriding is the ultimate high for any alpine skier and has a long-standing tradition in Kitzbühel. The town’s first freerider, Franz Reisch, skied down the Kitzbüheler Horn back in 1893. As you would expect, there have been plenty of changes in the world of freeriding since then, but one thing will always be the same: the feeling of absolute freedom as you ride through untouched snow. 

Ski tourers are also big fans of the open views and easy accessibility that make the mountains around Kitzbühel perfect for powder runs. But don’t forget, safety first!

Away from the groomed slopes, the ski area in Kitzbühel offers boundless freeride fun. The backcountry extends over 200 square kilometers and offers enough space for pure escapism.

Please respect our natural environment and the flora and fauna on your chosen route. Animals are easily startled by skiers which can lead to them panicking and injuring themselves. Ride with respect and enjoy nature as much as we do.  

Freeride guides

Before enjoying freeriding in Kitzbühel, please always pay attention to the daily avalanche warning report as well as the snow report. We ask you only ski in off-piste terrain if you have the appropriate safety equipment (avalanche transmitter, shovel, probe, first aid kit).

If you do not have the appropriate experience or want to refresh your knowledge of backcountry skills, we recommend our local freeride guides, who will lead you safely through the stunning terrain of the Kitzbüheler Alpen.

tour guides

Safety course

The Freeride & Ski Touring 1×1 is a training course offered by local mountain and ski guides. You'll learn applied emergency management in the event of an avalanche (from the emergency call to the successful search) and the correct safety behavior necessary when freeriding or touring (from planning to choosing the right terrain). These key skills are essential for off-piste skiing and are the foundation for enjoyable freeriding experiences.

Location: Bichlalm Kitzbühel
Costs: € 10,- per person

Dates to be announced.


Safety checkpoints

A variety of avalanche transceiver checkpoints (LVS checkpoints) are available so you can check your equipment is up-to-date before embarking on the perfect off-piste experience.

LSV checkpoints
:: Hahnenkamm – mountain
:: Pengelstein I
:: Alpenhaus restaurant on the Kitzbüheler Horn
:: Hanglalm – mountain
:: Wagstätt – mountain
:: Fleckalm – mountain


A bucket list moment. Experience a breathtaking freeride adventure in Kitzbühel without even breaking a sweat!

Use the ultra-modern snowcat shuttle, with its cabin for 9 people provided by the KitzSki lift company. The shuttle service runs from the top of the Bichlalm lift every 30 minutes between 9:30am - 1:00pm. Registration is possible at the ticket offices of the Bichlalm or Horn Gondola.

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