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Strandbad Hechtsee
Hechtsee 8a
6330 Kufstein

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The Hechtsee lake in Kufstein - a popular excursion destination in the middle of nature
The tree branches reflect on the water surface of the Hechtsee slightly above Kufstein. A plasant path leads around the lake. Benches invite you to linger and enjoy. The elongated Hechtsee blends in perfectly with the surrounding forest. The lake seems to nestle in the forest, a real nature experience.

Surrounded by the Tyrolean mountains
28 hectares of water, up to 57 meters deep. Near the Bavarian border, in the Brandenberg Alps at the foot of the Thierberg mountain. Hechtsee is one of the most popular bathing lake in the Kufstein region, due to its excellent water quality and impressive view of the surrounding mountains.
As well as the many fish species that are popular with fishers, Hechtsee naturally also contains pike (Hecht in German), though the name of the lake actually comes from the mermaid ‘Hechta’, who is said to have lived there according to a legend.

Enjoyment by the water
Sunbathing areas, a children's playground, table tennis court, as well as a beach and water volleyball court are located in the area of the lido. There are also numerous nice places to linger around the lake.

Enjoy the lake all year round
The beauty of the lake can be appreciated on the 2,6 km round hike. Just follow the shoreline. Surrounded by trees. Open meadows. A belt of reeds. Picturesque spots. Fascinating views. The round hike is not only popular with hikers in the warmer seasons. Hechtsee is also an insider's secret in winter. Fresh snow, which crunches with every step. Ice floating on the water. Powder snow that drifts down from the trees. Beautiful Tyrolean winter. Hechtsee is also the starting point for the 4-lake walk in Kufsteinerland. This beautiful hike leads to Egelsee, then past Längsee and Pfrillsee. It starts from the right-hand shore of Hechtsee. The hike can be extended to include the Thierberg or a stop at the Gasthof "Neuhaus".
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