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21.10.2020 | Culinary

Autumn is harvest time, time for preserving

Delicacies to harvest

To enjoy the fruits and harvested vegetables longer is preserving the BEST. Lisi from the Maurachhof store has told us her two favorite recipes. Once sweet and once sour. Delicious, taste the homemade jam on fresh farmhouse bread or mix the wild herb seasoning paste into homemade pasta. However you serve it, we wish good luck in recooking.


"Because we care where it's from"

 Lisi from the Maurachhofladen


Pears plums rowan jam

Pick the fresh rowan berries, about 500g from the tree, remove the leaves and stems and wash and bring to a boil with ¼ liter of water, these may boil for 20 minutes. Then harvest juicy pears, and plums, also about 500g and free them from the core and chop, and also add to the pot. Boil the whole thing again for 10 minutes and when everything is soft puree with a blender, who likes it finer, can now puree the jam through a sieve. Then add the sugar, 500g jelling sugar per 1 kilo of fruit, when the whole thing has boiled up nicely, do a jelling test and fill hot into clean glasses. A little tip: if you freeze the rowan berries beforehand, you can make sure that the rowan berries lose their bitterness and taste a little milder.

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