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21.04.2023 | Lifestyle

Reading month April - book tips from Kitzbühel

Rediscover books

Know how to properly take advantage of the April weather, which is still quite uncomfortable in parts. The spring cleaning is already done. The ski slopes are currently closed. Kitzbühel is known to many as a film set. In addition to current series such as "Soko Kitzbühel", Kitzbühel was also the setting for the Hansi Hinterseer film series "da wo die Berge stehen" (where the mountains are) and in the late 60s Franz Antel liked to shoot his home movies in and around Kitzbühel. Kitzbühel is also very suitable as a setting for book authors. From children's books to love stories to crime and thrillers and a declaration of love to Kitzbühel, we have picked out some "Kitzbühel books" for cold April days.

Book cover Karl Prieler

Karl Prieler – Im Schatten von Tourismus und Sport Literaturstadt Kitzbühel

With this book, Karl Prieler, a longtime professor of German at the Kitzbühel Commercial Academy, opens a chapter in the history of Kitzbühel that has gone largely unnoticed. He looks behind the scenes of the world-famous winter sports resort, discovers hardly noticed literary events of surprising variety and quality. In addition to regionally and nationally significant authors, he encounters renowned writers such as James Bond inventor Ian Fleming, and his mentor Phyllis Bottmme, the German popular writer Erich Kästner, the Frenchman Alphone de Châteaubriant, Felix Mitterer, Herbert Rosendorfer, among others. In total, Prieler lists 27 literary figures and their connection to Kitzbühel. A concluding walk through the town invites visitors to visit local sites.

City center with lights

Georg Haderer - Schäfers Qualen

... his crime novels are among the best that money can buy". Is a quote from Elmar Krekeler - DIE WELT. Georg Haderer, a native of Kitzbühel and a trained shoemaker, also likes to use his hometown of Kitzbühel for the settings of his crime novels. In Schäfers Qualen, Viennese detective Johannes Schäfer investigates a murder case in Kitzbühel. A short time later, a second brutal murder occurs. Are the two cases connected? How does the former RAF terrorist fit into the picture that Schäfer encounters during his investigations? Bloody local color, pointed dialogues and satirical sideswipes at Kitzbühel society go hand in hand with a breathlessly exciting murder hunt. Georg Haderer has written a total of 5 novels about the Viennese detective Johannes Schäfer.

Lake in spring

Tatjana Kruse - Leichen, die auf Kühe starren

The Tyrolean crime writer Bernhard Aichner calls Tatjana Kruse the champagne among German crime writers.

Leichen, die auf Kühe starren (Corpses staring at cows) is a pitch-black alpine thriller with a laugh-out-loud guarantee.
Ski instructor terror or rabid Hinterseer fans? Dead bodies between tourist attractions! Curious - here briefly to the content. Mid-season in Kitzbühel. It is quiet in Kitzbühel almost boring. But there you find a man's leg in the ice pit of the ice hockey stadium, a manicured man's hand at the Schwarzsee and a man's head in a chest of the town museum. If you put the three parts together, however, they do not form a whole ....

Hahnenkamm lift in winter landscape

Mortimer M. Müller - Kabine 14: Ein Kitzbühel-Thriller

Kabine 14 is the third novel by Mortimer M. Müller from Lower Austria, who has been writing short stories and novels since his youth. Cabin 14 is a suspenseful thriller set in the middle of the Kitzbühel ski resort. On the first weekend after New Year's Day, a fierce winter hurricane approaches Europe. Due to the vacation season, the Tyrolean ski lifts are busy. The Kitzbühel three-cable gondola is still in operation when the hurricane hits. While the recovery of the other gondolas succeeds, cabin 14 cannot be towed into the station. As the blizzard intensifies and the cellular network fails, the passengers are left to fend for themselves ... trapped in the oppressive confines of a cable car gondola, surrounded by a raging winter hurricane, dozens of meters above the ground, out of contact with the outside world, crammed in with unknown people - among them a murderer ...

Mountains with snow

Thomas Brezina - Rätsel um das Schneemonster / Die Knickerbocker-Bande Bd.1

In his first volume, the well-known children's author Tomas Brezina has created the Knickerbockerbande in Kitzbühel. Two boys and two girls have won a painting competition. The prize is a vacation in Kitzbühel. The four then call themselves "Die Knickerbockerbande". They quickly realize that something mysterious is going on there. A snow monster is up to no good and scaring everyone. The gang does not let this sit on itself and they try to investigate. Because so right they do not believe this spook ...

Book cover Conny Pipal

Conny Pipal – Zu Gast in Kitzbühel

A REAL declaration of love for Kitzbühel. All year round, Kitzbühel delights its visitors in a special way. The book invites you on an entertaining journey full of delights, presenting the culinary, cultural and precious delights of this region in the rhythm of the seasons. Discover Kitzbühel with its many facets with the culinary travel guide - urban and quaint, trendy and traditional, chic and charming.

Wooden hut in the snow

Mira Morton - Herzknistern. Blind verliebt im Pulverschnee

Romantic, amusing and full of secrets is the bestseller by Mira Morton. The story of Eric Stone, who enjoys solitude in his ski hut in Kitzbühel without electricity or distractions, but with plenty of alcohol, changes abruptly when a woman's cries for help get him out of bed. Eric has sworn to himself that a female will never set foot in his cabin in the mountains. He has the choice of letting her freeze to death at the door or shouldering her and enduring her company until she can descend back into the valley. Eric is inclined to accept the former for his peace of mind. But alas, she is blonde. And blue-eyed. Just the type of woman who is poison to his broken heart....

Snowy mountains

Anke Reisch – Franz Reisch – die Legende von Kitzbühel

For Dr. Anke Reisch, the 100th anniversary of her great-grandfather's death was the occasion to write a biography. Dr. Anke Reisch is a fourth generation Kitzbühel resident. Franz Reisch, born on October 17, 1863, was a skiing pioneer. In 1892, after reading Fridtjof Nansen's report about crossing Greenland on skis, he had skis brought from Norway. Legendary is his ascent of the Horn on skis in March 1893, whose report is considered the first about an alpine ski descent.


Karl Koller Freud und Leid zu meiner Zeit: sowie Kitzbühel zu meiner Zeit

Karl Koller from Kitzbühel was a pioneer in the ski school sector. Among other things, he was the "inventor" of the Red Devils. Many innovations, accurate skiing technique, an international network, the use of short skis for children and beginners, the construction of a ski cross slope the "Teufelspiste", came from his workshop of ideas. Karl Koller had archived, written down and documented almost everything. This also resulted in his two books. Kitzbühel contemporary documents of the highest value.

Herbert Rosendorfer – Autobiographisches: Kindheit in Kitzbühel und andere Geschichten

Herbert Rosendorfer always saw Kitzbühel as his "old home".

There is no autobiographical novel by Herbert Rosendorfer, but there is a whole series of stories in which he tells about himself, about his parents, grandparents and siblings, about his childhood and youth, about Bolzano, Kitzbühel and Munich, about his first poetic beginnings - and about his aversion to onions. Collected from various anthologies, supplemented with photos and drawings, they show all the narrative talent of the "born fabulist": his art of language, the subtlety of his wit and the certainty of the word.

Book cover Markus Mitterer

Markus Mitterer – Kitzbühel

Markus Mitterer from Kitzbühel is a gifted photographer who dedicates an entire illustrated book to his home town of Kitzbühel. On 288 pages Markus shows Kitzbühel in its 4 seasons. 227 color photographs with landscapes and real Kitzbühel originals invite you to dream. Spring when the first blossoms appear, summer with all its splendor and after the colorful autumn comes winter with a thick white blanket of snow. 4 seasons in Kitzbühel captured in the illustrated book by Markus Mitterer.

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