Paragleiter über Kitzbühel

06.06.2023 | Sports & Freetime

Flight over the Hahnenkamm

A grandiose experience

Many paths lead over the Streif - on foot, on skis, by bike or by paraglider (tandem flight). Quite comfortably, without thinking much about the flight, you go uphill with the Hahnenkammbahn. Only a few steps away from the station the company Element3 has the base. Now there is no turning back. An experienced tandem pilot was first responsible for the briefing and then we were off.

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Klostergasse 8
A-6370 Kitzbühel
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Three, two, one and go

The tandem seat belt is easy and comfortable to put on. The parachute with a size of about 40m2 is spread out by the tandem pilot and around it stand the spectators, who are eagerly waiting for the start. One or the other would certainly like to swap.

Paragleicher über Kitzbühel


The thermal is ideal, so that longer can be followed in the air. By way of explanation, thermals are a form of updraft created by solar radiation warming the earth's surface and thus the air on the ground. The feeling of floating above the Hahnenkamm mountain station and the view over the impressive landscape is indescribable. Kitzbühel now lies at the feet of the tandem flyers, with the distant view being breathtaking.

Panorama Hahnenkamm

Only flying is more beautiful

The wind rarely seems as strong in the air as it actually is. In summer, a jacket is hardly needed, as it is still pleasantly warm even far above Kitzbühel. Next on the flight plan is a right turn, which can be compared somewhat to a roller coaster ride. To capture this unique experience on pictures, there is a selfie stick. Thanks to this, there are pictures from every angle and every flight position. Guests can take the photos home at the end of the flight for a small fee.


Practice makes perfect

Tandem pilots must undergo a long and intensive training. In addition to more than 200 tandem flights, this also means years of training so that passengers can be taken along at all. For paragliders the whole thing goes faster, because here only in about 40 flights and training are needed. The closest flight school is in Westendorf. Tandem flights are offered in winter as well as in summer, and the maintenance of the gliders is especially important throughout the year.

Paraglider above the Seidlalmsee

Every flight of fancy comes to an end

According to the pilot's instructions, guests should keep their feet stretched out and remain seated so that nothing stands in the way of a smooth landing. A landing site is for example the Mockingwiese. For the tandem pilot it goes directly back up the mountain for the next tandem jump and the guests are more than grateful, for this incredible experience.

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