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Gourmet Tip | Landhotel Gasthof Jodlbühel

Culinary delights from the Tyrolean inn kitchen

Lovingly laid tables, traditional dishes and attentive service combined with high-quality Tyrolean inn cooking are the recipe for success at Gasthof Jodlbühel. The fact that the regional delicacies regularly trigger the highest pleasure experiences has been observed by the hundred-year-old linden tree on the sun terrace for decades - after all, the Jodlbühel is one of the oldest inns in Jochberg.

Landhotel Gasthof Jodlbühel

Autumn dish 2023

Schnitzel mit Kartoffelsalat

Viennese Schnitzel of veal from the pan with roasted potatoes

Tender golden brown veal escalope cooked in a pan accompanied by crispy roasted potatoes. A classic dish that conjures up tradition and taste on the plate. Tomas has been cooking this classic at Gasthof Jodlbühel for over 24 years. But also curd pancakes, based on the recipes of Herta, Ursula Reisch's mother, are among his specialities. The Jodlbühel menu also offers real delicacies for lovers of meatless dishes, from Kasspatzl to grilled pike-perch fillet with stewed tomato cubes.

How it works:

When purchasing, make sure it is veal from Austria. Approximately 140 grams is the weight of a schnitzel. Beat the schnitzel thinly, then salt it on both sides, turn it in flour, tap it, pull it through the beaten eggs and finally turn it in the breadcrumbs (only made of white bread, preferably grated by yourself).

Now fry the Wienerschnitzel in approx. 3cm high baking fat until golden brown. During the baking, very important, always shake the pan. When the schnitzel has reached a golden yellow color, take it out and drain it on a paper towel. Garnish with a lemon wedge and cranberries.

For the roast potatoes, boil local potatoes whole, then peel and slice flaky. Put them in the frying pan with butter, salt and fry until crisp.


Five parlours offer guests enough space to indulge their palates in the cosy ambience of Tyrolean delicacies - prepared according to old family recipes.

In 1913, the Aufschnaiter family acquired the property and a shooting range and a wooden bowling alley were built. In 1996, the parents handed over the Jodlbühel to their daughter Ursula. Ursula and her husband Franz Reisch, a great-grandson of ski pioneer Franz Reisch, added to it in 2005. For some years now, their children Franziska and Hans-Peter have been actively involved in the management of the Landhotel Jodlbühel and Alpenhaus on the Kitzbüheler Horn.

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