17.08.2023 | Culinary

Gourmet Tip | The Bichlhof

Exquisite top cuisine regionally rooted

Perched high above Kitzbühel on the Bichlalm, the Bichlhof enchants house guests and external visitors alike with its culinary offerings. Chef Karl Aichholzer has been surprising guests time and again for many years with creations from the hotel's own vegetable and herb garden, fish directly from the hotel's fish pond and meat from regional partners. Two sun terraces and a winter garden with breathtaking views of Kitzbühel and the surrounding mountains, as well as a wine cellar with over 8000 bottles make a meal an unforgettable experience.

Der Bichlhof

Autumn dish 2023

Pink roasted saddle of venison with chanterelle | pumpkin almond balls

The combination of hearty venison loin, refreshingly spicy egg mushrooms and the pumpkin almond balls is not only a feast for the palate, but also for the eyes. The colors, textures and flavors blend into a true feast that tantalizes the senses and unfolds a symphony of flavors on the tongue.

Enjoy the a la carte menu by chef Karl Aichholzer and his team.

How it works:

Season the saddle of venison with salt and pepper and a little game spice. Sear the meat on both sides and add the rosemary and thyme. Put it in the oven at 80 degrees for 15 minutes, then it will turn delicately pink. Tip: If you have a temperature probe, the core temperature should be 58 degrees. 

Cut a medium Hokkaido pumpkin into wedges and place on a baking tray. Season with salt and pepper, add 2 cloves of garlic, rosemary and drizzle with olive oil. Roast at 170 degrees for about 13 minutes until soft. Strain the pumpkin and mix with ¼ litre hot cream and 100g butter.

Clean the chanterelles and carrots and cut them into larger pieces. First sauté the carrots in olive oil until they are firm to the bite and then sauté the chanterelles shortly before.

Have fun cooking this dish!

Daily caught trout from our own pond, personal service and the finest delights from the region and from our own garden. Staying close is the motto at the Bichlhof. Therefore, not only is care taken here to buy food regionally, but also to obtain most of the products from our own farm.

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