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28.05.2020 | Sports & Freetime

Hiking around Kitzbühel - The magic of hiking

Hiking is healthy, makes you fit and keeps you young!

Kitzbühel was the first destination to be awarded the European Hiking Quality Seal in 2019. HIKING is close to our hearts! The beautiful nature, the good air and the magnificent view. In every season, the Kitzbühel mountains are an experience. So put on your hiking boots...

Standing at the top after a hike is probably the MOST BEAUTIFUL experience. Enjoy the fantastic view and the hearty snack. A very special mountain experience, which one shares only too gladly with friends. For a summit tour is good condition and suitable hiking boots are a prerequisite. A well-filled backpack is part of the equipment on the mountain. Our summit tours are varied and for everyone. From the "Gamsroas", a 9-summit experience of a special kind, to the summit cross at the bishop, with over 1,000 km of hiking trails (interactive tour portal), there is enough to do for all hikers.   

Tip for those in good shape: hike the Streif BERGAUF along the race course. From the valley station of the Hahnenkamm cable car past the key sections to the Hahnenkamm mountain station. Length: approx. 3.8 km, 900 meters altitude difference, walking time approx. 2.5 hours, back comfortably with the Hahnenkamm lift.  

Gentle grassy mountains

Our gentle grassy mountains are particularly beautiful and easy to hike. No wonder that on our lush green alpine meadows the cows feel so comfortable. The only important thing is, if you are out and about with a dog in the alpine pasture area, please always keep it on a leash. Please follow our RECOMMENDATIONS - for the best possible avoidance of conflicts with grazing animals. 

Geologically, the Kitzbühel Alps belonged to the so-called Grauwacken zone and are largely built up of slate, colloquially this mountain form is called "grass mountains". Geographically, the Kitzbühel Alps extend from Lake Zell in the east to the Zillter Valley in the west. There is the highest elevation, the Kreuzjoch, which goes up to 2,558 meters. Two thirds of the mountain area is in Tyrol and 1/3 belongs to the province of Salzburg. 

Bretterl Jausen

Lush alpine soils

Many managed alpine pastures are part of our mountain world. Lovingly cared for by the farmers, nurtured by the dairymen during the summer months and for the cows the ideal summer retreat before it goes back to the barn in the fall. Many huts offer home-produced food, such as bacon, cheese, bread and now and then home-distilled schnapps. How about a hut hike?  

Tip: A schnapps after a hike is not only healthy but also a reward for the steep way uphill. Our hiking hosts make the hiking vacation even more perfect and also have insider tips for the MOST BEAUTIFUL places in the region ready. 

Water - wonderfully refreshing and crystal clear!

What perhaps not everyone knows, there are also some lakes in the Kitzbühel Alps. Refreshing clear mountain lakes invite you to take a break. At the Wildseelodersee, for example, there's even a boat, rather unusual at the altitude of 1,854 m, but very refreshing. The Torsee below the Gamshag is beautifully nestled in the mountains. Some brave people can be seen swimming there from time to time, although Torsee, like other mountain lakes, is usually quite cold. From the reservoir on the Ehrenbachhöhe you have a wonderful view of the Wilder Kaiser. There at the reservoir Hansi Hinterseer made years ago always a short rest before he went with his many fans back to the Hahnenkamm mountain station.

Hiking in every season - an experience!

Hiking is possible at any time of the year. Especially beautiful also in autumn with the variety of colors, the clear light in which each individual mountain peak is recognizable. After the bathing days in summer, hiking is a more than good alternative to the Schwarzsee. In spring, when the snow on the grassy mountains melts again and the first flowers bloom, or in winter, hiking with snowshoes through the snowy winter landscape on the mountain or in the valley - WHAT IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN TO MOVE IN THE MOUNTAINS! In any case, have fun in the mountains and please do not forget, we dispose of the garbage at home!

HIKING is close to our hearts!


::Official bearer of the European Hiking Quality Seal

::Certified hiking hosts for the perfect hiking experience

:: Over 1,000 kilometers of well-maintained hiking trails of every level of difficulty

:: Hiking Eldorado in the typical local grassy mountains

:: Variety of hiking trails from the Kitzbüheler Horn, over the Südberge to the Hahnenkamm

:: Daily free guided hikes to the most beautiful places in Kitzbühel

:: Lifts of the Bergbahn AG to enjoyable panoramic hikes

:: A highlight in summer as well as in winter, the legendary Streif

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:: Reservoirs, waterfalls - explore the refreshment dreams

:: Excellent culinary delights in rustic alpine huts

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