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#LocalHeroes | Lisi from the Maurachhof farm

Lisi lives with her family on a beautiful farm “Maurachhof” at the foot of the Hahnenkamm. For the ingredients that make up her products in the Maurachhof farm shop, Lisi does not have to go far.


Everything we need to live is growing in front of our house / yard door.

Kitzbühel smells like fresh flower meadows or like freshly fallen snow. Sometimes Kitzbühel sounds peaceful and quiet, sometimes loud and lively. But how does your Kitzbühel taste to Lisi?

Lisi from the Maurachhof

What does the region around Kitzbühel taste like?

If you want to get to the bottom of this question, you can’t get past Lisi. Her products from the Maurachhof farm shop are 100% Kitzbühel – what’s in it, what’s on it, who’s doing it – you can’t get more Kitzbühel.

In our farm shop we sell the milk of our cows, we make jams and juices, grandpa distils schnapps, we produce teas, herbs and of course wood.

The many facets that Kitzbühel has to offer bring variety to the range of products from the Maurachhof farm shop, says Lisi.

Summer, autumn, winter, spring – it is always exciting here. Sometimes this fruit grows, sometimes another one. From this change I also get the inspiration for my products.

The Kitzbühel native not only finds inspiration for the sweet and savoury delicacies, because just like the product range of the Maurachhof farm shop, Lisi is also versatile. In addition to her work at the farm, she also works as a marketing specialist. The logo, the label designs as well as the homepage were created by Lisi. And there are still a lot of ideas that the busy Kitzbühel woman wants to implement.

Such a farm shop is a demanding task, but the love for the product also requires a lot of creativity. Lisi draws this from her homeland, on a sunrise tour on the mountain or in the evening at the idyllic Schwarzsee.

Kitzbühel is simply ‘my home’. It doesn’t get any better than that. Everybody here, whether a big entrepreneur or a seasonal worker, cares about this personal touch and this return to nature.

Lisi embodies precisely this lifestyle with her work and is the basic vision of the Maurachhof farm shop.

People should buy local products because they know what’s in them and thus also support local producers.

Promoting the local economy is one argument, another appeals to the senses, explains Lisi with bright eyes: “The raw materials are harvested and processed with love and great passion for farming. Lisi often gets support from her friend Sandra, who also helps with numerous ideas and craftsmanship. A fixed guarantee for success is to keep it together and this is also strengthened during the joint tasting.

If you spread our blueberry jam on the freshly baked farmhouse bread or poke into the homemade apricot cake… it’s like biting into a fresh blueberry or apricot just picked from the tree!

Erfolgszutat: Bio-Mehl und frische Marillen Resultat: ein luftiger Kuchentraum
Echte Handarbeit am Maurachhofladen.

So back to the original question: What does Kitzbühel taste like?

How about this answer: a pinch of lifeblood, a teaspoon of passion, a pinch of love for nature and an infinite number of kilos of honest, fresh and unprocessed fruit, herbs, dairy products or mushrooms… in Kitzbühel and hand-baked, picked, collected or milked by Kitzbühelers.

Dear Lisi, a few more words from you, how can you imagine the Maurachhof farm shop in 5 years ?

That there will be even more local producers using us as a “platform” and that the locals will also use it as an alternative to the supermarket. Even if there is not always everything at every season.  I would also like to see a better cooperation between gastronomy and hotel business.

I also think it is important that the products are fully utilised. I think many people have simply forgotten this. From a marketing point of view, I would like to see regionalism becoming even more important.

Your special request to the producers or those who want to become producers ?

Dare to do it, and be proud of your high-quality products! Together we can make things easier.  

Finally, dear Lisi, how would you describe Kitzbühel to someone who does not know it yet?

In Kitzbühel it is exciting in every season. In spring, when tourism is being revived and agriculture is waking up and growing. The summer is wonderful when the lakes can be used and everything is harvested.  Enjoy the autumn with extensive mountain tours and enjoy the fabulous views. Everything prepares for the cold season. And then of course the winter. For sports in the snow-covered mountains, the peace and quiet of the farm. Then you have time to think about the coming year. 

Our conclusion from the visit, there is nothing like products from the region produced with love, because they are tasty and tell a great story. Or you can simply go to the Maurachhof shop and let Lisi tell you the story about her products directly!

#LocalHeroes from Kitzbühel

People are behind all the special moments in Kitzbühel and its holiday villages of Reith, Aurach and Jochberg. Such personalities are the focus of our “Local Heroes” series, in which we turn the spotlight on the true heroes of our region. Though these courageous individuals probably don’t consider themselves to be heroic, in our eyes they are. After all, their passion contributes to Kitzbühel’s unique way of life.

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