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19.09.2023 | #LocalHeroes

#LocalHeroes | Michaela and Her Stitching Box - Stitching Success with Needle and Thread

In search of personal, thoughtful gifts, we discovered the Stitching Box in Aurach.

#LocalHeroes | Michaela and Her Stitching Box - Stitching Success with Needle and Thread

The First Embroidery Machine

Michaela Hausberger learned sewing and creative work during her school years at the Agricultural School Weitau. In her later profession as a florist, Michaela loved the opportunity to create and let her ideas flow with flowers. The birth of her daughter prompted Michaela to work from home. The idea of the Stitching Box was born, and an initial small embroidery machine was placed in the utility room.

“Just to try out how it works.“

However, the small embroidery machine quickly became outdated, and it was necessary to invest in a larger embroidery machine to stitch more personalized and larger designs.

The Stitching Box

The Stitching Box in Aurach is open daily from 8.00 am to 6:00 pm. This small self-service store, located right at Michaela's house, is a true treasure trove of lovingly handcrafted gifts. The charmingly decorated shop showcases the treasures that Michaela creates. From dish towels and hand towels to book covers, small bags, and shoppers, even stuffed animals, every single piece is adorned with a loving embroidery pattern. Custom-made items with personal touches or greetings can be created by Michaela upon advance order. The Stitching Box pays special attention to the book pillows. These book pillows are not only for reading but also for relaxing your neck or can be used on your lap as a support for books.

Doing Good

For several years now, Michaela and her mother have been helping at the food bank once a month. It was during this time that the idea arose to give the primary school children in Aurach and Jochberg a small but thoughtful gift on their first day of school.
Michaela was particularly keen on ensuring that children not only play with tablets or phones but also rediscover the joy of reading physical books. Therefore, every first-grade student received a book pillow from Michaela, personalized with their names. Michaela volunteered her time, and the fabrics, sewing materials, etc., were donated.
Michaela's love for nature is evident everywhere - from the designs of her embroideries to the wooden crafting of the Stitching Box, the meticulously designed garden, or her fondness for quails. With the Götschkappelle chapel nearby, Michaela's place of strength is just a few minutes away from her home.
For the future, Michaela wishes to continue working creatively and diversely, and perhaps even open a larger store someday.

The Kitzbühel Formula

Alpine lifestyle and idyllic nature, rustic traditions and a modern way of life: Few cities combine these contrasts as skillfully as Kitzbühel. The sports capital of the Alps gained worldwide fame through the legendary Hahnenkamm races, but that is just one facet of the Kitzbühel legend. It is, above all, the incomparable charm of the region, with the towns of Kitzbühel, Reith, Aurach, and Jochberg, the excellent infrastructure with top-quality hotels and gastronomy, the multitude of sports opportunities, and the captivating landscape that make Kitzbühel so unique.

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