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22.12.2020 | #LocalHeroes

#LocalHeroes | Music is LIFE for me

We are visiting Rosemarie Sathrum-Gasteiger at Hohenegger Hof above Kitzbühel, directly on the Ganslern slope. The rich ground contributes significantly to providing for the whole family.

Orgelspielerin Rosmarie Sathrum

When the days get shorter and autumn rolls in

Then the harvested fruits from the numerous fruit trees around the farm are processed – juices, jams, syrups, schnapps and other delicacies for home consumption.

From the 100-year-old pear tree, the dried pears go into the delicious “Klotzenbrot”, which has been baked by Rosemarie herself for decades during Advent. The smell creates a Christmas atmosphere and when the family meets in the parlour for a house concert, the Christ Child is not far away.

Everyone helps out, everyone has their tasks on the farm. There is enough to do all year round. But when the snow cannons are brought to the surrounding slopes, it gets quieter in the house, or does it? For Rosemarie, the snow cannons really sing, the buzzing doesn’t bother her at all – on the contrary. She is sure that the grass grows particularly well in the spring, and above all, it saves watering.

The snow cannons start singing – a whole concert – a real lullaby

Rosemarie grew up with music; her father was a bandmaster with the Kitzbühel Stadtmusik and also composed. Rosemarie not only passed on her passion for music to her children, but also did so for a long time as an ambitious music school teacher.  

Music is always a part of our live

For Rosemarie, the joy of music is everything. In her time at the music school, she has directed many students, ensembles and choirs. Not all of them were talented, but witnessing the enthusiasm and development of the music students was the most important thing for her. Rosemarie has placed many small gifts from pupils in her music room, not throwing away a single little thing from her pupils. She can also proudly say that some of her music students are now professional musicians in large orchestras all over the world.   

Singing is THE instrument, singing is the anti-wrinkle remedy par excellence

The carillon in the Gothic Katharinen Church in the middle of Kitzbühel’s city centre is also a cherished activity of Rosemarie. As an 11-year-old girl, she was allowed to play there in public for the first time. The excitement and pride back then were immense. There are 18 special keys that are played in a certain key so that the bells sound bright and beautiful. That is unique to us. For Rosemarie, the Turmstüberl in the bell tower is a place of peace and quiet, a microcosm or bubble to be in. A very special atmosphere high above the roofs of Kitzbühel. Almost like being in another world.

Look outside the box, there are so many beautiful things out there 

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We are Kitzbühel


It is the people who make Kitzbühel and its holiday villages of Reith, Aurach and Jochberg so special.


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