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30.12.2015 | Living in Kitzbühel

"The mountain calls" - Mountain Guide Know How

Spending free time in the mountains - whether in summer or winter

"In de Berg bin i gean, und da gfreit si mei Gmüat, wo die Almresei wachs'n und da Enzian blüaht...", so romantically it says in the song lyrics from Tyrol.

Feel good in the mountains in all seasons! Here there are some important points that beginners in particular should absolutely adhere to, such as the right equipment, the right behavior, such as in a change of weather, and much more. We asked the Kitzbühel mountain and ski guide, Sebastian Obermoser, about this. He is on the mountains all year round and knows the Kitzbühel Alps like the back of his hand.

Paar beim Skitouren gehen

Sebastian, how long have you been guiding guests or customers through our mountain world and what physical requirements are important for a mountain and ski guide? - I have officially been working as a mountain guide for over 7 years, but I have been on the road in the Kitzbühel mountains since I was a child. Physically, as a mountain guide you have to be constantly active and trained in a variety of areas such as skiing, ski touring or climbing. 

For example, how often are you out skiing with guests in the winter season? - I am out and about in the Kitzbühel ski area every day to know the current snow and avalanche situation. I am also permanently on the mountain in summer or autumn. I can't imagine a more beautiful profession. 

Winterlandschaft mit Gipfelkreuz

In the event of a change in the weather, which happens quite quickly in the mountains. What advice can you give our readers, or what is definitely not possible? - Good tour and weather planning is the most important thing, and if the weather should really turn, I recommend everyone to turn around as quickly as possible. 

Ski touring has become more and more popular in the last few years, the right equipment is of course very important, especially if you are off-piste, what can you recommend? - I recommend first to test enough rental equipment and only then to decide for the right equipment. In the backcountry, you should never be without an avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe. 

A real mountain experience also requires the right hut, do you have some recommendations for us? Perhaps also with overnight stay? - For me, the Stripsenjochhütte at the Wilder Kaiser and the Wildseeloderhütte in Fieberbrunn are very nice places. I can recommend to each of you, you can also stay overnight at both huts. 

Nahaufnahme Winterwandern

What should you look for when buying the right mountain boot? - Of course, the most important thing is the right size, so test sufficiently in the store and get advice before you decide on a shoe. Maybe not immediately start a day tour with the new shoe. 

What should every hiker take in his backpack in winter and summer? - First aid kit, a phone for emergencies, some provisions and something to drink should always be there. In summer should always be a rain and sun protection, in winter additional warm clothing is always very advisable. 

Your recommendations when starting ski touring? - Start slowly, easy terrain and depending on your skiing ability, it is better to ski down a slope in the beginning. A pace adapted to your own condition is the most important thing at the beginning, slow and steady walking will guarantee the longest possible tour. In bad snow conditions, off-piste skiing is a bit difficult and away from the slopes you should always pay attention to the current avalanche situation and never go without emergency equipment. 

Your favorite tour in summer and in winter? - In summer, the Wilder Kaiser offers countless possibilities for beginners to professionals. In winter, the Bichlalm offers many options for deep snow skiing and the snow is usually very good. 

Thanks Sebastian for your informative answers! Continue to enjoy the mountain!

Sebastian Obermoser, State certified mountain and ski guide, Maurachfeld 19, 6370 Kitzbühel, sebastian.obermoser@kitz.net

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