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Visit to the lost property office in Kitzbühel

Who searches, finds

Only a few take the trouble and go to the lost property office in Kitzbühel's town hall. For this reason, many exciting items can be found there. The head of the Kitzbühel municipal police, who is in charge of the lost property office together with his colleagues, has provided a little insight.

Drawers full of glasses, keys and much more

In the high season, significantly more items are handed over to the lost property office than in the low season. The most common items include keys and cell phones. Likewise, countless pairs of glasses are waiting to be picked up by their owners. Whether a cheap pair of glasses or designer glasses, everything can be found here.

Lost and found

All lost property that is handed in at the lost property office in Kitzbühel can be collected here for one year. In the case of purses or ID cards, the responsible persons also try to locate the owners and send it to them. If something is lost, it is definitely worth paying a visit to the lost property office. If no legal owner comes forward after a year, the item is auctioned off, offered for sale or given to a good cause. Bicycles are particularly popular for sale. Some of them can be bought at a bargain price.

For a good purpose

Glasses that no one misses anymore go to an optician in Kitzbühel. They are repaired there and passed on for a good cause. Cell phones that work are given to the rescue after a year, also for a good cause. Good to know: nothing is thrown away. Documents or keys are excluded from this rule, these must be destroyed after several years. Real jewelry ends up after one year, for example, at the jeweler and is recycled.

Curious found objects

Mr. Burgmann, the head of the city police, reports on a very curious case. A few years ago, a severed middle finger was handed in at the lost property office and it was even possible to find out to whom this finger belonged, thanks to the hospital. Dentures are also handed in from time to time, but in most cases they are never collected. For the annual and world-famous Hahnenkamm race, there is a separate lost and found office right at the finish line. The people in charge often can't believe what is handed in there. In addition to countless items of clothing, backpacks and handbags are also popular in the lost and found office.

From finder to owner

After one year, a finder can also become the owner of the found object. The finder has the option to store the found item at his or her home for a period of one year. However, the item may not be officially kept until after one year. 

According to the city police, the collection rate is rather meager compared to the number of lost items. Typical items in winter can also be skis or ski poles. In addition, there are heaps of clothing bags with forgotten clothes of guests from well-known pubs. 

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