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01.07.2021 | Living in Kitzbühel

When nature awakes

A guest commentary by photographer and Neo-KItzbühel fan Danijel Jovanovic. In the current issue of "TIROL" he reports on his hunt for thunderstorms - reverent of the forces of nature, Danijel photographs the lightning-lit Alps. For his visit to Kitzbühel, however, he caught glorious weather and is happy to report on his discoveries. Also to be read on Danijel's website at www.djphotography.at or Facebook

When the nature awakes | in Kitzbühel

After my visit to Kitzbühel this winter and beautiful winter walks and snowshoe hikes, the anticipation for spring was already great. The then still deeply snow-covered meadows and mountains I could imagine wonderful with beautiful flowers and lush greenery and so I came back again and I was not disappointed. A beautiful spring day to slow down and enjoy nature. My impressions I have summarized for you in pictures and have some suggestions for you how wonderful you can relax.


Morning round at the Schwarzsee

Already early in the morning it went for me to the Schwarzsee. I wanted to experience this wonderful peace and enjoy the first rays of sunshine. The temperatures are still fresh in the morning, which creates the morning fog over the warmer water of the warmest moor lake in the Alps. However, the first rays of sunshine make me feel that the sun already has good power. Except for some fishermen at the lake, one has the Schwarzsee almost to oneself.

A dreamlike circular path leads me around the lake, partly laid out with wooden footbridges. On the eastern shore, you can also do some morning sports at the beautifully laid out forestry mile. Many different stations and exercises later I have brought my circulation well in swing for this beautiful spring day. The complete Schwarzsee circumnavigation takes about an hour, with sports at the forest mile a little longer.

Ausblick auf Kitzbühel

Via the Lebenberg and the Birch Avenue back to Schwarzsee

From the church hill, where the two towers of the Liebfrauenkirche and the St. Andreas church dominate the cityscape, it goes slightly uphill to the Lebenberg from which one has a beautiful view over the city, framed by the typical grassy mountains. Here also begins the long birch avenue that brings me back to my starting point in the early morning, the Schwarzee.


The Streif LIVE

Directly from the town, which this year celebrates its 750th anniversary, you can hike the famous Streif. Either you take the Hahnenkamm lift up to the start house, newly built this year, and walk all the way down the Streif to the town. Or, as I did, leisurely from the town center towards the Ganslern Alm, from where you have a beautiful view of the town and the Kitzbüheler Horn. The Streif is also a stage of the long-distance hiking trail KAT Walk.

Well signposted, it goes past the valley station of the Hahnenkamm lift, with the red winning gondolas, in the direction of the Streif. Since I only tackled the short variant, I decided to go to the memorial cross of Franz Reisch, who as a ski pioneer of Kitzbühel with the first ascent of the Kitzbüheler Horn in 1893 laid the foundation for tourism in the region. I lingered briefly and enjoyed the peace and then continued from there to the Ganslern Alm.


There I learned a little more about Franz Reisch. Through his work as mayor, hotelier, merchant and initiator, he made a significant contribution to opening up the grassy mountains of Kitzbühel and, after the decline of mining in the region, literally ushered in a new era of prosperity with tourism. Around the turn of the century, he created the first tourist attractions, built the summit house on the Kitzbüheler Horn, was involved in the moor bath, built the sports hotel, founded various sports clubs and much more. He is considered a pioneer of tourism in the town, and his bust hangs in memory of him on the town hall of Kitzbühel. The path leads me further directly past the finish slope of the Streif downhill. The key point of the wintry descent is marked by two red gates. There is a magnificent view of the town and the Kitzbüheler Horn opposite. After a short rest, we head downhill towards the town. Passing the Powder Tower, with a beautiful panorama, I decide to still go to the church hill, where the Liebfrauenkirche and St. Andreas Church watch over the city. The old wooden sacristan's house and the churches are somewhat elevated above Kitzbühel and you have a great view of the South Mountains.

Ortsansicht Aurach bei Kitzbühel

From Aurach to Kitzbühel

In the vacation village of Aurach there is the well signposted 4.9km lnagen trail, which has been certified with the European Hiking Quality Seal: "On the trail of customs". The trail passes through springtime meadows, fruit avenues and old, traditional hereditary farms. Here, too, you can easily hike and experience nature while slowing down from everyday life. Along the turquoise shimmering Kitzbüheler Ache it then goes via the hamlet of Staudach with its chapel and wide fields back to Kitzbühel.

Walking along the Römerweg

Ready for a bit of history. The Römerweg is a practically level walking path slightly elevated above the town and at the foot of the Kitzbüheler Horn. As the name suggests, it is an old Roman road that ran through the region - recognizable by the prominent, upright stone blocks that can be found at regular intervals along the way. In the past, these stone pillars were also used by farmers as boundary stones. You will also find the Hinterobernau Farmhouse Museum along the trail, which provides an insight into the agricultural past of Kitzbühel, the "dairy chamber of Tyrol", and is hard to miss with the traditional "Schradlzaun", the typical local bell tower - which all farmhouses used to have, and a rustic old wood façade. Passing the farm museum and through the deciduous forest avenues, you can wonderfully relax and decelerate here. The path leads over a narrow road, which is closed to individual traffic, without any significant elevation gain. If you feel like it, you can visit the museum along the way, you can find the opening hours on maps.kitzbuehel.com.

See mit Bergpanorama

The pond round

The Bichlach, where also the Schwarzsee is located, is commonly known as a pond paradise. From the Schwarzsee or directly from the vacation village Reith you can start an extensive morning walk to the ponds. The path, which climbs only slightly, leads through beautiful flowering fields and farms to the three Kitzbühel ponds, the Gieringer Weiher, the Vogelsberg Weiher and the Haselberg Weiher.

After 30 minutes, from the Schwarzsee, you reach the wonderful Gieringer Weiher. The idyll with the Kaiser Mountains reflected in it is magnificent. The path also leads past the Bio Yoga Hof where you can literally perform the morning greeting on the in-house yoga platform. With an impressive backdrop, you can find your center here. The Gieringer Weiher is also a bathing lake. At the moor lake in the middle of the forest there is also a small self-service bistro with home cooking.

Weg rund um den See

Only 15 minutes further you will find the second moor lake, the Vogelsberg Weiher. You can reach it without much effort via lush flowering meadows. However, swimming is prohibited in the Vogelsberg Weiher. Please pay attention to the warning signs to preserve the moor pond in its natural beauty.

10 minutes away, the last bog of the Bichlach Weiher round is already waiting. The Haselberg Weiher is the smallest and inconspicuous, yet picturesque. A beautiful rhododendron grows right next to the bog.

Wiese mit Bergpanorama

On the way to the Gieringer Weiher - in the picture the Bio Yoga Hof with the Kaiseridylle

urige Häuser vor Bergpanorama

Wilder Kaiser

Blume vor Seelandschaft
See mit Aussicht auf Berge

Morning mood with the Wilder Kaiser in the background

See mit Aussicht auf Berge

Morning mood - light fog lies over the water surface

Weg am See

Enjoying the first rays of sun on the shore


The water is so calm - wonderful reflection

My conclusion

A wonderful spring day in Kitzbühel comes to an end for me with very many impressions. Wonderful, blooming meadows, on the mountains still the last snow and pleasant hiking trails have a decelerating effect on me. Surrounded by this beautiful landscape I let my soul dangle. The various stages can of course also be done comfortably individually or hiked during a day trip in Kitzbühel. Due to the proximity to the valley and the paths are not particularly strenuous or steep. Kitzbühel Tourism maintains the paths eagerly, so they are also well doable in bad weather.

Due to the opening of the gastronomy, nothing stands in the way of a cozy stop.

Once again a wonderful day for me in beautiful Kitzbühel. I am already looking forward to further exploratory tours. See you soon in the Gamsstadt 😉

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