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10.03.2022 | Culinary

With pleasure through Lent

From Ash Wednesday to Easter

Indulgence and fasting at the same time - here you will find one or the other tip. Do something good for your body and relieve it after the culinary high seasons of Christmas and Carnival. Take the opportunity and give up the car or the elevator, because walking in the fresh air is good for everyone. Whether skiing or cross-country skiing to the fullest, enjoying the surroundings on a snowshoe hike or taking a few laps in the indoor pool - you always feel better afterwards!

At the beginning a tea mixture

It is useful to take a tea mixture at the beginning of Lent to detoxify the body. Here you will find a recipe for a mixture that should work wonders. Moreover, it cleanses the liver and you can enjoy it throughout the day. 

:: 40g dandelion

:: 30g peppermint

:: 20g yarrow

:: 10g rosemary

Frühlings wiese

Lent tips

:: Chew thoroughly! What we were often told as children also has meaning during Lent - chew more consciously again. The advantage: If you chew thoroughly, you will be full faster and digest better.                    

:: As little sugar as possible - sugar increases the insulin release and promotes the fat incorporation. Rather sweeten with cinnamon and vanilla.

:: Discreet seasoning is also heard again and again! The feeling of satiety is lost. Salt should be used as sparingly as possible. If possible, use fresh herbs or herbal salt without flavor enhancers.

:: Raw vegetables and fruits should be enjoyed before 2 pm, after that they are difficult to digest. Salad in the evening or eating too late stresses the metabolic processes of the liver, which are particularly active at night.

Cabbage rolls on celery with beetroot


A vegetarian recipe from Q! Resort Health Spa Hotel Kitzbühel:

Ingredients: 3 red beets, 1 tuber of celery, 8 white cabbage leaves, 2 onions, 4 potatoes, 1 carrot, 2 bay leaves, 10 juniper berries, 1 pinch of cumin, 15 mustard seeds, 1 lemon, 500 ml vegetable cabbage, 100 g bulgur, salt, pepper, nutmeg.

Step 1

Peel the beets, then put them in a pot of boiling water (it is best to wear disposable gloves so that your hands do not turn red). Also in the pot we put the spices such as bay leaf, juniper, cumin, mustard seeds and the lemon, which is cut in half and cooked with. In total, the beets are cooked for about 1-1 ½ hours. Then cut into thicker triangles. Then peel and cut the celery, 3/4 into coarse pieces for the cream, the rest cut into any shapes, such as 1-2 cm cubes. These are then steamed or boiled for about 6-10 minutes until soft. Now we cut an onion into coarse pieces and sweat them in a pot, then add the coarse pieces of celery, continue to sweat and season with salt, pepper and nutmeg, pour vegetable stock or water until everything is covered and simmer until everything is soft, then blend finely in a blender. Add some of the beet to the mixture and blend, so we get a nice reddish cream.

Step 2

For the cabbage rolls we first boil the potatoes and the bulgur in separate pots with lightly salted water. Once the potatoes are soft we put them in a potato ricer and mix them with the now soft cooked grain, now we can cut the carrot into fine small cubes and add with a little salt, pepper and nutmeg seasoning. Now we cook the cabbage leaves until they are nice and soft, and roll our potato-bulgur mass in it. Still in the steamer or oven, heat it up. Meanwhile, heat all the other components as well and then present them nicely on the plate. Meal time!



A vegetarian recipe from Rosi from the Sonnbergstuben:

Ingredients: 4 tablespoons flour, 4 tablespoons lard, 1 L vegetable soup or water, salt, caraway, marjoram, 4 slices brown bread, 100g cheese.


For Rosi's "Brennsuppe" prepare a roux as dark as possible from flour and lard. (Heat lard and flour in a pot and stir constantly so that it does not burn). Pour in soup or water, season with salt, caraway and marjoram and let the roux simmer for half an hour. In the meantime, toast the slices of bread in a little fat and place them on a plate. This very meager alpine dish was originally prepared without any fat, only with heated flour and without cheese. Outside of the Lent season it is refined gladly in different way e.g. with Erdäpfel, noodles, sour cream or whipped cream, arbitrarily. Pour hot soup over it and add cheese cubes.

Soup of white cabbage with galangal and waller

Familie in Trachtenkleidung auf dem Markt


A fish recipe by Stefan Lenz, Chef of the Year 2015:

Ingredients: 1L fish stock, 300g cabbage, 1 carrot, 1 yellow beet, 200g ready-to-cook fillet of catfish, 20g galangal, 10ml Noilly Prat, 10ml Pernod, 20ml olive oil.


Finely dice the vegetables and sauté in olive oil with the finely grated galangal. Add the cabbage cut into lozenges and dress with Noilly Prat and deglaze with Pernod. Allow to reduce briefly, then pour in the fish stock and steam the cabbage until soft. Add a bay leaf during cooking. Before serving, add short fried cubes of catfish to the soup. Season to taste with salt, pepper and fish sauce (from the Asia market).

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