Strategy Kitzbühel 365

Kitzbühel is one of the most legendary brands in the Alpine region - a strategy decisive for the future development of this brand. For this reason, the process of developing Kitzbühel's strategy was already intensively fine-tuned in 2016. Together with representatives from science and tourism consulting, our service providers and members of Kitzbühel Tourism, a common guideline for the coming years was worked on.

This resulted in the Kitzbühel 365 strategy, which coordinates the framework of our tourism activities for the coming years. The goal is a joint and targeted, qualitative development of the destination.

The key points of the Kitzbühel 365 strategy

To be the most sought-after year-round destination in the Alps.

Explanation: coveted does not mean popular - the idea of quality should be in the foreground - no leveling of the price level downward to attract many guests, but increasing the quality to ensure the attractiveness and added value of the region.

To offer and communicate top performance 365 days a year in the sports town of Kitzbühel.

Kitzbühel Tourism has the mission to market the destination nationally and internationally. This is to be achieved through
targeted product development and communication on the markets. Locally, Kitzbühel Tourism ensures
within the ARGE community, together with each individual service provider in the region, ensures that guests enjoy
experience inspiring and personalized vacation experiences within these top services, and that
thus becoming a testimonial for the region themselves.

As the most legendary sports town in the Alps, Kitzbühel combines a sporting tradition that has grown over the years with a
innovative spirit and a unique flair.

The brand Kitzbühel

The most legendary brand in the Alpine region

It has always been consciously and unconsciously charged by all service providers in the region's tourism value chain - the Kitzbühel brand. Brand management as a destination philosophy helps to work together on a high-quality development of the destination.

The brand core values

Who are we?

The brand essence combines the most legendary sports city in the Alps with an unmistakable attitude to life, which is a combination of sports city and lifestyle. Building on this, we set strategic fields of action whose development is based on eight pillars.

The stylistics of the brand

The contents of a brand must be condensed and expressed in a self-similar way. With its will to style, the brand has an impact on the market.

The secret of the Kitzbühel brand and its stylistics, as presented below, is uniqueness, self-similarity and assertiveness.

The stylistics of the brand

Word-Image Brand | Lettering Kitzbühel

Symbol | Kitzbühel Gams

Color | red

Feature | Architecture

The history of the Kitzbühel brand

In 1165 the name "Chizbuhel" appears for the first time in a Chiemsee document, which is a fusion with the proper name "Chizzo" and "buhel" as a characterization of its geographical location.

The heyday of mining in Kitzbühel begins around 1450, but it is not until the 16th century that silver is found in Kitzbühel. The townscape is a consequence of the wealth. Around 1850, tourism comes to Kitzbühel with the summer resort and in 1875, with the construction of the railroad, the rise to an international tourist resort begins. In 1893 Franz Reisch was the first person to ski down the Kitzbüheler Horn. According to documents, the first ski races were held in Kitzbühel in 1894/95.

In 1903, the construction of the first hotel in Kitzbühel is completed, which was then known as the "Hotel Kitzbühel" and later as the "Grand Hotel". Two years later, the 1st Tyrolean Ski Championships are held and again a year later, the first downhill race is held at the Kitzbüheler Horn. Austria's first gondola lift is built between 1926 and 1928 - the Hahnenkamm lift! In the winter of 1931, the time has finally come: the first Hahnenkamm race takes place on the Streif. Three years later, the grand opening of the Kitzbühel Casino takes place. Kitzbühel is already the talk of the town at this time. When the Prince of Wales visited Kitzbühel in 1935, all accommodations were completely booked. He was followed by English aristocrats, and today Great Britain is still a very important source market.

1949/1950 the ski legend Karl Koller takes over from Sepp Sailer the management of the ski school, which was founded in 1927, also Karl Koller established the short ski school and the 1st children's ski school. Through his collaboration with Alfons Walde, "The Red Devils" came into being. At the end of the 1950s the first golf course in Kitzbühel - Golf Course Kaps - is opened, Kitzbühel was already a pioneer in this field of sport in Austria at that time. In 1988 the first alpine rally takes place, which is known as the most traditional oldtimer rally in Austria, as well as the event tourism is powerfully boosted in this period. Since 2000, investments have been made in quality hotels in Kitzbühel, and in 2006 the Mercedes-Benz Sports Park was opened.

In Kitzbühel, stories are more than just narratives, whether they are stories about life, about personalities or about the localities. When we talk about stories here, we are not necessarily talking about the past. Kitzbühel was and is the home of many legends and has produced a number of heroes and victors. Year after year, Kitzbühel is the stage for sporting events that in turn make history. The passion for the legendary roots, the enthusiasm for sports and the love for the beautiful things in life become an attitude towards life -the Kitzbühel attitude towards life!

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