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20.04.2022 / With the action days #repairtogo and #estutnichtweh, the Gamsstadt in April 2022 is once again all about sustainability. With a sensible use of Kitzbühel's resources, a positive signal is thus set .

#repairtogo - Repair Café
On Saturday, April 23th, 2022, the #repairtogo repair café will take place at the Sportpark Kitzbühel. This initiative, where citizens can have electrical appliances, bicycles, broken clothing, etc. repaired by professionals for a voluntary donation, is intended to reinforce and support awareness for "repairing instead of throwing away".

#estutnichtweh - garbage collection campaign
One week after #repairtogo, things are already continuing in the spirit of sustainability. On Saturday, April 30th, 2022, the garbage collection campaign of GREENfluencing Kitzbühel will start at 9.30 am in the Gries. With the aim of keeping nature and the mountains clean, awareness for a sustainable approach to nature is to be created here - in addition to the cleanup.

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