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Presentation of an extraordinary art project in Kitzbühel

AT SECOND SIGHT is an extraordinary art project with the aim of making taboo subjects visible and showing people a new perspective with inspiring stories of the protagonists and positive provocations. With the magic and power of JACKSCORNER's photography, the project puts physically disabled people in the spotlight.

After more than 1.5 years of preparation, production, location scouting, numerous logistical challenges and intensive event planning, project manager Chrissi Oberwexer and photographer and project manager Thomas "Jack" Griesbeck, the creative minds behind the project, can finally reveal more about the thoughts, the shootings, the protagonists and the upcoming events.

The aim of THE SECOND VIEW is to photograph the hidden facets of people with physical disabilities in an impressive and never-before-seen way. The pictures provoke, they move and they make you think. The project is a call for openness, encourages rethinking and aims to focus on the abundance of beauty and potential hidden behind outward appearances.

AUFDENZWEITENBLICK is not only the title of the project, but also the essence of the message. Interested parties can be enchanted and inspired live at the premiere on 22 September 2023 from 7:00 pm at the K3 KitzKongress in Kitzbühel.


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Contact: Kitzbühel Tourismus | Hinterstadt 18 | 6370 Kitzbühel | | +43 5356 66660

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