Erhaben über dem Nebel die Bergstation des alten Steinbergkogel Sessellifts

Home of water


Where water plays a key role

The idyllic village of Jochberg is located to the south, nestled among the rolling mountains of the Kitzbühel Alps.

The village is overlooked by the powerful and majestic Großvenediger mountain, a peak that stands proud at an altitude of over 3,000 metres above sea level and provides stunning views of snow-covered mountains throughout the year. The locals are also very proud of the parish church, which is a grand Baroque building dedicated to Saint Wolfgang. Another defining feature of the village is its luscious green landscapes and well-maintained forests and meadows, which perfectly reflect the hard work involved in the landscape conservation. These green fields are also home to a special cultural asset, namely farms that have existed for as long as several hundred years and remained in the hands of the same families for many generations.


… Jochberg is located just 10km south of Kitzbühel?

… water plays an important and refreshing role here?

… the Waldschwimmbad outdoor pool boasts revitalizing Grander water?

… this is the home of Grander Water?

… that in Jochberg is the highest water fall from the region?

… the Dragon Trail is particularly refreshing in summer?

… Jochberg is located in the heart of the Kitzbühel ski area?

… that you reach Kitzbühel with the country cross skis?

… that skiing on the beginner slope is free of charge?

… that the skibus runs frequently?

… that Jochberg offers breathtaking walking-paths?

.. that you have skirental and skischools?

… that Jochberg offers rooms from a b&b to a 5 star hotel?


Jochberg is situated just 10 km south of Kitzbühel in the middle of the Kitzbüheler skiing and hiking area.

Population: 1,560

924 to 2,363 m above sea level

The history of our village has been shaped by mining. For as many as 3,000 years, copper has been extracted from our region. From 1447 to 1926, mining was carried out at the Kupferplatte mine. Today, the Schaubergwerk Kupferplatte exhibition mine is a rewarding excursion destination.

In addition to our Parish Church, the Schwarzer Adler inn in the village centre is an important historical building constructed in 1482. During the Tirolean Rebellion, it was managed by Anton Oppacher, a faithful follower of Andreas Hofer.

GRANDER® Water Revitalisation has been used successfully around the globe for over 40 years wherever water flows, is used and consumed.

It’s a special feeling to realise that the ground beneath your feet has been dug, hammered and excavated for more than 3,000 years. Reopening summer 2021!

Hiking is by far the most popular summer sport in the Alps and Jochberg is no exception.

Just 10 km south of Kitzbühel and nestled in the gentle grass-covered mountains of Kitzbühel at the heart of the Südberge mountains, this hiking paradise extends from 924 m to 2,363 m elevation.

The Großvenediger mountain forms the backdrop for unforgettable memories 365 days a year. The townscape boasts spectacular views of 3000 m peaks in addition to the lush green of cultivated meadows and dense forests.

In addition to hundreds of kilometres of well maintained and signposted hiking trails, such as the Jochberg high-altitude trail with its breathtaking views over the Kitzbüheler Südberge mountains, our area boasts additional natural attractions of which we are particularly proud: The Sintersbach waterfall  and the Gaisstein, the highest grass-covered mountain in the Alps. Not to mention the Torsee and the Blaue Lacke lakes, refreshing natural gems just waiting to be explored!

The Grander family, inventors of water revitalisation and owners of the exhibition mine, also make their home in Jochberg.

In wintertime, Jochberg is the perfect start point for a wide variety of ski runs. From the town centre, the modern cable cars and lifts of the Kitzbühel ski resort are quickly accessible. Best of all, wonderful ski runs lead back to the centre of Jochberg on skis. Meanwhile, the modern Wagstätt-Bahn gondola lift gives skiers the opportunity to ski towards Kitzbühel or back to the Pass-Thurn ski area. Additionally, the Wagstätt/Wurz slope is rated as one of the five best ski runs in the Kitzbühel ski resort. Meanwhile, the Jochberg valley ski run is a real treat beloved by locals and guests alike.

For cross-country skiing fans, the perfectly groomed cross-country trails lead directly from the village centre through the region. On winter hiking trails, you can enjoy the majesty of nature and then retire to one of Jochberg’s cosy Tirolean dining parlours to enjoy traditional dishes and fine, award winning cuisine.






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