The nature experience: exciting and decelerating

Your fishing vacation in Kitzbühel

Cast your hook and enjoy the impressive mountain scenery reflected in the water surface. Fishing in Kitzbühel, Tyrol and the surrounding area can be very exciting and relaxing at the same time. You choose it: at the rushing wild river or at an idyllic lake, cozy at the pond or active fly fishing in crystal clear mountain lakes. Discover trout, char, carp, pike, barbel and many other fish. Enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful landscape - pure relaxation and the best way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Fishing in a lake

The Schwarzsee is a moor lake within walking distance of Kitzbühel, which is one of the warmest and most beautiful bathing lakes in the Alps. The water quality of the Schwarzsee is first-class, the panorama with the spectacular Kaiser Mountains in the background invites you to linger. The area has well-kept sunbathing lawns. 

Target fish: perch, pike, crucian carp, carp, eel, bream, perch and zander

Most successful fishing method: spin fishing

In the moor lake is the carp definitely the leading fish, here you can catch specimens a 2 to 14 kg. In summer the Lauchsee is a bathing lake.

Target fish: carp, tench, pike, zander, amur, tolstolob, sturgeon, eel, perch, white fish

Most successful fishing method: spin fishing

Taking fish is not allowed: Catch & release

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Carp, tench, pike

The Reintaler lake is one of the largest lakes of the Kramsacher lake area. Water temperatures of up to 25 ° C boat rental. 

Target fish: carp, pike, perch, catfish

Most successful fishing method: spin fishing

Fly fishing

The lake is fed by several streams from the Loferer Steinberge mountains and therefore rarely reaches over 20 degrees even in summer. For swimming, the lake is therefore only suitable for hardened swimmers. 

Target fish: brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, carp, aitel (chub) may be taken; lake trout, bullhead and minnow (Pfrille) are to be put back without exception.

Permitted fishing method: fly fishing with one rod and exclusively with artificial lures using single treble hooks.

Fishing in a pond

Fish ponds in Schwendt are a half-day or day trip destination from Kitzbühel and offer fishing fun for the whole family. The fish are supplied with the purest alpine spring water. The area is divided into three ponds: In the large fishing pond, even professionals can still find challenges, while the beginner's pond is more suitable for the inexperienced and families. In the spring pond you can try your luck at fish rarities like the char or the lake and brown trout.

Target fish: rainbow trout, salmon trout, char, golden trout, brown trout, lake/tiger trout

Most successful fishing method: spin fishing. Equipment such as fishing rods, landing nets, buckets, pliers and bait are available in abundance and can be rented or purchased for a fee.

Beginner's course: The beginner fisherman learns the first practical and theoretical basics from the experienced fly fishing guide, such as casting training in the meadow and in the trout pond, knot tying, water lore, insect lore and equipment lore. Duration approx. 4 hours (from an age of 10 years, max. 5 persons per course).

Mountain stream fishing: In this course you will be introduced to the mountain stream with its fish species, their biology and the corresponding feeding animals. Furthermore you will learn tactics for whitewater fishing. duration approx. 4 hours (from age 14, max. 2 persons per course). 

Personal Guiding: Recommended is a fly rod with 240 cm to 270 cm with line class 4 to 6, different goldhead nymphs, dry flies (deer hair or CDC). The equipment should also include waders or wading boots.

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