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Running and walking in and around Kitzbühel

Kitzbühel – THE running paradise in the Alps

Kitzbühel offers runners and walkers seemingly endless possibilities in a variety of landscapes. Terrain options include gentle hills for trail running, trails for challenging high-mountain running as well as classic hiking and forest trails. For a more relaxed option, jog or walk along the Kitzbüheler Ache or the banks of the Schwarzsee lake, a true gem of nature. In total, 23 signposted routes and 11 starting points with a total length of 170 km are at your disposal. No matter your level of physical fitness, we’re certain you’ll find the right route for you.




KitzRunning makes the most of Kitzbühel’s extraordinary landscape to maximise your running experience. This unique series of scenic running routes includes the area around the Schwarzsee lake in addition to the nearby “Bichlach area”, an impressive hilly landscape. Additional beautiful areas also include the Kitzbüheler Ache stream and the newly created Jochberg running region in southern Kitzbühel. Check out an overview of the many circuits on offer.

Kitzbühel offers hobby runners a host of fantastic training possibilities truly capable of holding their own against top-flight international regions. Held since 1979, the Kitzbüheler Hornlauf competition has earned a reputation as one of the world’s toughest mountain runs extending up to 2000 m altitude.

Nordic walking is a trendy endurance sport that employs the use of two walking poles planted in rhythm with the walker’s steps. As an exercise method, it’s an excellent way to burn fat while protecting the joints and releasing muscle tension.

Kitzbühel, a sport’s lovers dream come true, boasts limitless possibilities for Nordic walking with 170 km of well-signposted walking and running tracks and more than 1000 km of hiking trails.

Head over to the Kitzbühel Tourismus Office and pick up your free copy of the Nordic walking folder for a detailed overview of all routes.

No excuses! Grab your poles and go!

All Nordic Walking routes at a glance in our tour portal


Spectacular routes & one-of-a-kind mountain scenery

For trail and mountain runners, there’s always something new to discover amidst the breathtaking mountain scenery in and around Kitzbühel. Twelve extraordinary routes have been specially selected to guide runners to the region’s most BEAUTIFUL places. Experience UNPRECEDENTED freedom in the mountains as you explore the venue of the Hahnenkamm races or the colourful Alpine meadows of the Kitzbüheler Horn mountain. Ready to take your passion for running to the next level? Sign up for the  3rd Gamstrail Event on 19 September 2020!

A healthy mind is most at home in a healthy body

The Karstweg trail  is a short, yet worthwhile circuit on the Kitzbüheler Horn mountain. After ascending comfortably with the cable car to the trailhead at the Alpenhaus mountain restaurant, it’s just a few metres on asphalt to the start of the Karstweg trail. This scenic, smooth circuit trail is well signposted and loops back to the Alpenhaus mountain restaurant. The trail is ideal for novice runners keen to try out running at altitude for the first time.

Route length: 4.4 km – 210 M↑ – easy

Info available at


The trail on the Gschwandbaum located in the Malern area provides runners with a wholly new perspective of Kitzbühel.

Route length: 9.1 km – 674 M↑ – easy

Info available at


The Seidlalm Alpine hut is one of Kitzbühel’s most famous landmarks and for good reason: it’s the birthplace of the Ski World Cup! To visit, head to the valley station of the Hahnenkammbahn cable car. From here, continue via an asphalt road into the Hausbergtal valley and then keep left at the fork. Follow the signposts towards Einsiedelei. First, follow the asphalt road then continue on a gravel road and then up a short, steep trail. The Einsiedelei is a great place to stop for a bite to eat and enjoy the view over Kitzbühel. Continue onward by taking the forest road to the right at the barrier gate. Follow the signs to the Seidlalm Alpine hut. The initial forest road then becomes a trail. From the Seidlalm Alpine hut, the Streif hiking trail leads to the valley station.

Route length: 9.5 km – 856 M↑ – easy

Info available at

One exciting option for exploring the Hahnenkamm mountain is the trail that leads via Rechegg. Starting from the mountain station, head towards the Hausbergtal valley. After a few hundred metres of asphalt, keep to the right until reaching a gravel road. Then proceed straight until a signpost to the left leads towards Einsiedele/Hahnenkamm. The trail from this point onwards is simply fantastic. Continue to follow the signposts towards Rechegg. At the junction, hikers have the option to cool off with some refreshing Hahnenkamm spring water from a trough. The second part is technically somewhat more challenging and sure-footedness is highly recommended. This section is nevertheless worthwhile as this trail is a real insider’s tip and leads up to Hochkitzbühel and the start house of the Streif downhill race. Once up top, runners can either descend via the cable car or head back down on foot.

Route length: 4.7 km – 1,659 M↑ – intermediate

Info available at

The world’s most impressive racecourse extends from the finish line to the start house!
You simply can’t leave Kitzbühel without experiencing the challenge of the Streif! There’s no other way to say it: the Streif racecourse is a can’t-miss attraction that’s both challenging and beautiful in equal measure. To complete the trail, however, it’s essential to be in excellent physical condition. The start point is the valley station of the Hahnenkammbahn cable car. From here, briefly follow the asphalt road towards the Hausbergtal valley. Keep to the right as the road forks towards the Streif and continue to ascend the Streif on somewhat steep trails. The Seidlalm is well worth a stop but it’s best to pause here on the way down instead. Continue past race landmarks such as the Seidlalmsprung, Brückenschuss, and Steilhang until just below the famous Mausefalle. Circumnavigate the latter with a quick loop to the right and then return back to the slope. From here, the route continues towards the Streif start house where you can either take the cable car back down or descend back into the valley on foot.

Route length: 5.0 km – 887 M↑ – intermediate

Info available at

The valley-based Lebenberg circuit is a beautiful route that boasts a detour to the Bichlach area and the Sight Run in the town centre. The Lebenberg is the hilly area behind the Schwarzsee lake. This route begins at the valley station of the Hahnenkammbahn cable car. Run from the starting point via the railway junction to the Legends Park behind the Aquarena and then to the mini roundabout and continue on to the Obere Gänsbachgasse alley. At the church square, turn left and then take a right uphill between the vicarage and the church towards the Lebensberg hills. Note: After the cemetery, it’s worthwhile to turn around and enjoy one of the most famous views in all of Kitzbühel featuring the churches and the Südberge mountains in the background. Continue on the road to the Hotel Lebenberg and turn onto a gravel road next to the car park towards Bichlach. Continue along this scenic trail through the forest to the Steuerberg area and then on to the Vogelsberger Weiher and Gieringer Weiher ponds. Just before the Münichau area, turn left again and head into the forest towards Schwarzsee lake, staying on the east side until reaching the railway stop. Head beneath the railway and cross the street continuing on a small trail that leads back towards the Hahnenkammbahn cable car. Head downhill on Pulverturmweg road, cross the famous Ganslernhang slope and the Streif finish section, and then walk back to the valley station. This trail features a variety of different terrains.

Route length: 13.2 km – 560 M↑ – intermediate

Info available at

The Sintersbach waterfall in Jochberg is a superlative natural attraction, especially during periods of snowmelt! This is a wonderful running route you’re sure to enjoy! Start at the Wagstädtbahn cable car station and head south before turning into the adjacent Dorfstraße street that leads to the valley floor. Turn right onto a meadow path and proceed until the Schradler car park. From here, head towards the Sintersbach waterfall on the Dragon trail, which is well maintained and easy to run. Continue following the stream and then turn left through the forest to the waterfall. Directly below the waterfall, cross the stream and continue towards the Wildalm Alpine pasture. The trail is in great condition with the exception of a short gravel section just before the Wildalm. After the Wildalm Alpine pasture, take an additional trail to the left towards Jochberg. Run past the Taxer chapel and the Jochberg swimming pool and re-enter the village while passing by the Kulturhaus. Follow the street back to the starting point at the Wagstädtbahn cable car.

Route length: 13.2 km – 741 M↑ – intermediate

Info available at

This tour starts at the Kelchalm ruins. From here, proceed towards the head of the Kelchalmgraben valley, past the Nieder and Oberkaser Alpine pastures, to the gate before circling the Torsee lake. The next stage of the run is a trail that is partially secured with wire ropes leading up to the Tristkogel followed by an exposed ridge toward the Saaljoch saddle (sure-footedness, good head for heights required). The trail proceeds comfortably uphill to the Saalkogel after which it’s just a few minutes to the Rauber area. Proceed across the Hahnenkampf and Laubkogel areas further into the valley, reaching the summit of five spectacular peaks along the way. At the Kelchalm mountain hut, enjoy a well-deserved rest in addition to good food & drink.

Route length: 13.7 km – 1,242 M↑ – hard

Info available at

This scenic trail features superlative views of the iconic Wilder Kaiser mountain range. The journey starts in Reith and continues through the village (first on an asphalt street and then on a meadow path) towards the Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee Golf Course. Passing these landmarks on the left, proceed towards Hennleiten and then up the Rauher Kopf mountain. Alternate along the trail and forest roads towards the Friedenskreuz summit cross on the Rauher Kopf mountain. Once up top, hikers can enjoy the views towards Kirchberg and the Grosser Rettenstein mountain. Follow the trail downhill (once again alternating between forest road and trail) as the Wilder Kaiser mountain range begins to come into view. Head towards Reith and the Wirtsalm mountain hut. Having arrived at the latter, a gorgeous trail leads almost entirely down to the village centre below.

Route length: 16.0 km – 951 M↑ – hard

Info available at

The Gebra trail leads hikers to the scenic Südberge mountains. The Gebra is a particularly striking mountain located south of Kitzbühel. The trail is technically challenging and requires plenty of stamina, though at least the Bergbahn Kitzbühel cable car company makes a portion of the journey easier. Take the Bichlalm chairlift to the mountain station and then proceed to the south. Stay left above a chapel following the signs to Gebra. The trail traces the contours of the mountain through a pristine landscape featuring sensational views of the Hohe Tauern mountain range. The trail itself is quite narrow and from Gebra hiking becomes quite technical. Hikers must be sure-footed and have a good head for heights. Heading down from the Gebra mountain, hikers will reach the managed Hochwildalm mountain hut, which serves food and drink. From here, continue on trails and a little gravel road to the Auracher Wildpark wildlife park. The trail then ascends once more. Passing the wildlife park, proceed towards Kitzbühel and the Haselwand area to the centre of Aurach, alternating between road and trail. At the Hallerwirt restaurant, turn right uphill once again until arriving back at the valley station of the Bichalm chairlift.

Route length: 17.5 km – 822 M↑ – hard

Info available at

Route length: 28.0 km – 1,782 M↑ – hard

Info available at

Route length: 31.5 km – 2,000 M↑ – hard

Info available at

Local Heroes - Lisi von Hahnenkammstueberl bereitet Ihren legendaeren Mossbeerschwarm vor.

#localheroes stories from Kitzbühel


In our KitzBlog we reveal the most beautiful places to go hiking in Kitzbühel and the impressive experiences on the bike, introduce the Kitzbüheler #localheroes, talk about interesting events and share with you the best Tyrolean recipes and culinary tips in the holiday region Kitzbühel.

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