'Sommererlebnis' Streif | Activity course for all the family

9 Activity stations | 1.7 km in length | 100 metres ascent

Every year, the Streif race route, which is probably the most challenging route in the Alpine Skiing world cup, captures the imagination of the skiing world. On a length of 3312 metres and 860 metres of ascent, the Streif is peppered with key sections that can now be experienced in an entertaining fun way in the summer too – fun for all the family!

    A very special World Cup feeling!

An adventure-packed course along the panorama trail on the Hahnenkamm, with nine activity stations provides little fans with an up-close experience of the inspiring Streif route. Based on the key sections of the original race route, the stations require skill, endurance and balance.

Together with the little chamois „Gerli“, a trip to enjoy a summer adventure on the Streif is twice as much fun.

Just collect the folder from Kitzbühel Tourism or download with just one click and head off on an

exciting voyage of discovery!

'Sommererlebnis' Streif has been implemented with the support of regio3. Regional management company regio3 has focussed on promoting summer tourist projects in particular, as part of their year-round strategy.

The 9 stations in the adventure play park

Proceed to the start house via a slackline and a green climbing net. 3 – 2 – 1, straight into the grey tube and swing down when the starting pistol fires.

The Mausefalle awaits, where body tension is required to tackle the individual balance obstacles.

At the carousel your sense of balance is tested on the steel balance cable, before putting in a bit of effort to head down the variety-packed climbing course.

On the Steilhang there is an over-sized red climbing net to tackle.

The path continues on to the Brückenschuss, a narrow suspension bridge which requires courage and balance to cross.

It's then half-time at the Seidlalmsprung. This fun-packed station has a giant swing, trampoline, climbing station, wood hammocks and water games, tempting you to relax for a while.

Once you reach the Hausbergkante, a giant swing is there waiting in the middle of a grey arch to swing you up into the lofty heights.

Things get wobbly in the Traverse, where bumpy obstacles have to be negotiated, step by step.

For the finale of this adventure-packed course, the Zielsprung awaits to provide a final hit of adrenaline. Speed to the finish on the red tube slide. What an experience!

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