• Forenoon 3°C
  • Afternoon 14°C
  • Evening 9°C
  • Night 3°C

Sunshine duration: 7,9 Hours

Foggy or hazy to start, then clearing up quickly, and most of the day will be sunny.


  • Forenoon 2°C
  • Afternoon 4°C
  • Evening 0°C
  • Night -3°C

Sunshine duration: 1,5 Hours

Rain or sleet will persist into the afternoon, afterwards a few snow showers.

The day after tomorrow

  • Forenoon -4°C
  • Afternoon 3°C
  • Evening -1°C
  • Night -3°C

Sunshine duration: 7,7 Hours

Morning snow showers, then more and more sunshine during the day.