Genusswandern in der Urlaubsregion Kitzbuehel, Tirol


Easter in Kitzbühel

We look forward to welcoming you to Kitzbühel at Easter 2021!

Cherished Traditions to marvel and participate

When the snow up on the mountains glistens in the sun, the air is filled with birdsong and the first flowers lift their colourful heads up towards the sky, you know spring has arrived in Tirol. If you look closely, you may even catch sight of a nimble shadow with long ears and a small bobble tail scampering around Kitzbühel’s parks and gardens. After all, the blossoming landscape is not only a sign of spring but also marks the start of the run-up to Easter. This year, Kitzbühel will yet again celebrate the resurrection of Christ true to the motto “Nature, tradition and stories”. A multitude of old Easter customs and traditions are an integral part of springtime in Kitzbühel, as are the many colourful Easter eggs in all different sizes, lovingly created flower arrangements and wonderful decorations

Easter holds history, stands for handed-down traditions and enjoyable recipes that should not be forgotten. The Easter programme in Kitzbühel includes highlights for the whole family, such as Easter egg dyeing with natural colours, making Easter candles and traditional Easter pastries, but the programme also includes interesting customs celebrations and theme walks to regional pilgrimage sites.


:: Easter window display competition in the city


:: Unveiling of the giant Easter egg, designed by an Kitzbühel artist!


:: Kitzbühel Gourmet Easter Market (every Saturday)


:: Extensive children and family programme, animals to stroke


:: Easter programme in Reith, Aurach and Jochberg – well worth a visit!

Easter in Kitzbühel – following the traditions

Numerous old Easter customs and traditions are as much part of Kitzbühel as the many colorful Easter eggs in all sizes, detail-loving flower arrangements and lovely decorations.

Read more in our blog article.

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