Hiking tour


total walking time
2:30 h
10,3 km
altitude meters uphill
200 m
highest point
956 m
starting point:

Jochberg Tourismusbüro

destination point:

Jochberg Ortszentrum

route typ:
circuitfamily tour

altitude profile


weather today
30° Sun and clouds
weather tomorrow
21° Sun, clouds, rain showers


Jochbergs elexir of life - WATER
Jochberg is a place with many stories to tell. The small village was famous early on as a place of special treasure because copper was mined here around 3,000 years ago. This long history has shaped the village but it is primarily the special natural treasures related to water that give Jochberg its unique character today. These not only include the impressive Sintersbach waterfall and the forest swimming pool, but also the historic fountains that used to supply water to the local farms and population year round. In the past, pipe systems for supplying water didn‘t exist, so these sources were vital for both people and animals.
The 7 Fountain Trail leads away from the stress of everyday life, passing the historic fountains as well as old farms, the Kupferplatte Copper Mine, the Farm Museum and the Parish Church of St. Wolfgang, whose „miraculous“ Wolfgangsquelle fountain was a very popular pilgrimage destination in the 16th century.


Jochberger Ortszentrum – Gasthaus Hausleiten – Schnaitlgasse – Saukasergraben – Maiermühle/Bauernhof Standern – Bärnbichlweg – Aubergweg – Angererhof – Schwertern – zurück zur Bundesstraße – über Jochberger Ache – Schaubergwerk Kupferplatte/ Barbara-Brunnen – Oberhausenberg – Künstler-Brunnen/Bauernmuseum – hinunter zur Achen-Brücke – Schradler-Askarn-Veitn – Achen- Brücke – Römerstraße – Erlauweg – Kupfstattgasse – Neuhausfeld – Scheringweg – Nockweg – Antlass- Brunnen – Kirche St. Wolfgang zu Jochberg

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