KitzTrail Rainy Days

Hiking tour


walking time uphill
2:30 h
walking time downhill
2:30 h
9,5 km
altitude meters uphill
255 m
altitude meters downhill
255 m
highest point
840 m
starting point:

Kitzbühel Tourismus

destination point:

Kitzbbühel Tourismus

road quality:

Tarmac road, gravel path

altitude profile


weather today
26° Mostly sunny
weather tomorrow
28° Mostly sunny


Parking spot
P4 - parking Pfarrau


The KitzTrail RAINY DAYS takes us along the romantic Römerweg, to the Hinterobernau farmhouse museum, through pastures and woodland and to the Schwarzsee, the warmest moorland lake in the Alps.

:: We start at Kitzbühel tourism office 1 in the centre of Kitzbühel. Wearing waterproof clothes and sturdy, waterproof footwear, we walk through the town centre towards the Kitzbüheler Horn cable car. After ascending on the cable car, we follow the KitzTrail signs towards the Ölbergkapelle. After a brief ascent up a short forest path, we cross a field to the romantic Römerweg, which runs beneath the Kitzbüheler Horn.
:: We walk along a hard-surface path past old Tyrolean buildings and modern architecture. After approx. 20
minutes, we reach the rustic Hinterobernau farmhouse museum*. This 16th-century Salzburg/Tyrolean
“Einhof” farmhouse, preserved in its original condition, is surrounded by verdant pastures and green forests. Finally back in the dry, our audio guides transport us back to Tyrol’s distant past and we see a wash house, a chapel, an oven, an apiary, a threshing floor, a cart house and a wide range of antique farmhouse furniture, equipment and tools.
:: Breathing in the smell of fresh rainwater, we set out again. After walking for another 30 minutes, we make our first stop-off at the Vordergrub country hotel and pub. In a cosy modern ambience, we have a cup of milky coffee to warm ourselves up, enjoy a glass of Austrian wine and contemplate the power of the element of water.
:: After our well-earned break, we cross the main road and follow the Kitzbüheler Ache river towards the Hausertal.
:: Passing through woods and areas of pasture, after approx. 45 minutes we reach the Alps’ warmest moorland lake, where Kitzbühel locals come to replenish their energies – the Schwarzsee. Despite the rainy weather, we can’t help but dip our feet in the soothing waters. After a pleasurable snack at the lakeside cafe, we walk back to Kitzbühel via the Lebenberg.

TIP: For a longer route, head towards Hausertal via the Bichlach hills past Vogelsberg Weiher to the Schwarzsee.


Kitzbühel - Ölbergkapelle - Hinterobernau - Hausertal - Schwarzsee - Lebenberg - Kitzbühel


Sturdy, ankle-high footwear, functional mountain clothing, waterproofs, sun protection, plenty to drink, a comfortable rucksack, hiking poles, snacks

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