Genusswandern in der Urlaubsregion Kitzbuehel, Tirol

It's time to...

Image film Kitzbühel


Kitzbühel Tourism is presenting the new image film for this year’s summer campaign on MONDAY, 15 June at 5 p.m.

Experience it live – a short clip will be published daily on all our channels as a foretaste: | Kitzbühel on FACEBOOK | Kitzbühel no INSTAGRAM | Kitzbühel on YOUTUBE |

NEW Worlds, NEW Cosms, NEW Wonders

KITZBÜHEL Image film 2020
KITZBÜHEL Image film NEW 2020

It is the fairytales and stories that carry us from childhood into the world of possibilities and fantasies and allow us to develop profound emotions. The NEW imagefilm is a modern fairytale and bundles these emotions with metaphors and images that invite us to dream. It was a project of the heart and the artistic interpretation of the touristic themes an atmospheric ensemble.

Dr. Viktoria Veider-Walser, Executive Director Kitzbühel Tourismus

A new and unconventional style in tourist moving-image design was developed to present the destination authentically and in its diversity throughout the year, but at the same time grounded and at one with the beauty of nature. The natural colours, with artful-flowing movement towards harmonious, powerful dynamics, are united on 02:55 minutes and emphasize in a simple and elementary way the unvarnished approach.

At the centre of the film is the leap & at the same time an energetic emotional transition from urban space to an Alpine idyll. Regardless of sporting activity or gender affinities, the new image film Kitzbühel harbours a broad portfolio of emotions – paired with artistic metaphors – sway to the pulse of nature, whisper your fairytale into the mountain’s ear.

Connected and united by elements typical of the region, a coherent time-lapse through a year in Kitzbühel is presented. Dynamic, fresh, unexcitedly noble – a presentation of the region that is far removed from classic tourism advertising and crosses genres to offer a glimpse of the essential, the breathtaking beauty – Aren’t the laws of nature also a wondrous poem?

A composition of words, pictures and music, which atmospherically awakens dreams and deeply cherished desires – which are often repressed in hectic everyday life.

It’s time to turn off the GPS and follow the nose. The universe doesn’t start somewhere up there, but HERE – in the middle of you. It’s time for a fairy tale that doesn’t only start with the words << IT IS >>, but also with … KITZBÜHEL.

Teaser I | It's time to turn the clock...
Teaser II | A new branch of our history begins ...
SNEAK PREVIEW | It is time for a fairy tale that begins with the words IT IS ...
Eines der ueber 1000 Wanderwege in Kitzbuehel entdecken - Sintersbacher Wasserfall - Magie des Wandern.

Summer, mountains, Kitzbühel's zest of life

The summer holiday in Kitzbühel inspires

Those who only know Kitzbühel in winter still have most of the region’s charm to discover. 

Over 1,000 km of hiking trails, 1205 km of MTB routes in the region, four golf courses make every holidaymaker’s heart beat faster. The weekly program and concierge services of your hotel of choice, daily guided hikes, panoramic hikes and family fun in the KitzSki area, but also the culinary offer, beyond  the haute cuisine, in the rustic alpine huts on the mountain round off the summer experience Kitzbühel.

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Kitzbühel Tourism launches new image film in multi-channel campaign

For the presentation of the new Kitzbühel image film, a multi-stage accordion multi-channel campaign will be run for the clip.


Those who only know Kitzbühel in winter still have most of the charm of the region to discover.

Genusswandern in Kitzbühel - Die Suedberge, Kitzbueheler Horn, Hahnenkamm laden zum entdecken ein.

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