Fine horses & exclusive entertainment at the Snow Polo Cup

With the Snow Polo tournament, Kitzbühel welcomes the new year with the most prestigious winter sport. The event is regarded as the most prestigious winter polo tournament and shines with its action-packed equestrian sport and sophisticated ambience.16 teams, over 200 horses will be competing for glory in this tournament. Enjoy the exciting 22nd Bendura Bank Snow Polo World Cup Kitzbühel in January 2025 taking place in front of the wonderful backdrop of the Wilder Kaiser: ​​In addition to exciting sports action, the event offers a colourful variety of activity off the field - including a wide range of entertainment and top-class cuisine. If you'd like to savour fine dining experiences and gourmet bites & beverages in the VIP-tent, ticket reservations are requested. 

Admission to the general spectator area is free.

📍 Location: Münichauer Wiese, Reith bei Kitzbühel


For me, the Kitzbühel Snow Polo World Cup is the best polo tournament on snow in the world! I adore this event; it is super organised and the ambience is fantastic

    Thomas Winter, Germany's most famous polo player

In order to protect the event site due to the weather, we ask you to use the parking facilities in the area, such as: Golfplatz Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee-Reith, P10 Schwarzsee Kitzbühel, Kulturhaus Reith

Snow Polo Kitzbühel
Snow Polo Kitzbühel
Snow Polo Kitzbühel

Polo is a team sport, with four players in each team. While riding on horses trained specifically for polo, players attempt to hit the ball into their opponent's goal using long wooden sticks. In Arena Polo, the area of play is somewhat smaller, hence there are only three players per team.

The standard area of play for Snow Polo measures around 274 m by around 183 m. On the long sides, the boundary of the standard area of play consists of 30 cm high, mostly wooden 'boards'. On the short sides, the goal area, lines are marked out.

To demarcate the area of play, the field is divided with a total of seven conceptual lines. Each goal comprises two approx. 3 m high, tapered goal posts – known as 'pylons' - and is approx. 7.20 m wide. The posts are not firmly anchored into the ground, but give way. When a rider and their horse hurtle towards it in the heat of battle, these topple.

Snow Polo Kitzbühel
Polo in the snow
Snow Polo Match

Two goal line referees are centrally positioned behind the goals and wave a flag to show when the ball has gone into the goal, or has missed. A raised flag means 'Goal', a lowered flag means 'outside the goal and field of play'. Quite straightforward really.

They started in 2003 with four teams, many years later there are over 110 horses and 24 players from over 11 nations. Of course, the weather is always the biggest challenge. Every year, several individual layers of snow and water are built, these must withstand all weather caprices. 

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