Genusswandern in der Urlaubsregion Kitzbuehel, Tirol

Biking – cycling – road biking – downhill

Cycling in Kitzbühel

The place-to-be for all cycling lovers!

A cycler’s paradise in the heart of the Kitzbühel mountains. It doesn’t matter whether you want to gobble up the kilometres on your racing bike, climb on your mountain bike or simply go for a ride on your e-bike. A cycling holiday in Kitzbühel is sure to be worth your while. And you won’t miss out on culinary delights either, since Kitzbühel doesn’t only have a reputation for offering skiers refreshments. Experience our fantastic landscape on two wheels; it’s like hiking, only faster.

  • 1200 km of road-biking tracks in a variety of difficulty ratings
  • 800 km of leisure biking and mountain-bike tracks
  • Numerous cycling events:
  • Tour of Austria, KitzAlpBike, and many more
  • Panoramastrasse road on the steepest cycling route in Austria
  • Routes along lakes in the valley and on the mountain promise magnificent views
  • Numerous refreshment stops:
  • Mountain inns offer traditional Tirolean culinary delights
  • Cycle shops and rentals, sometimes with cycle workshops
  • Pleasant bike tours up on the mountain with the Hahnenkammbahn cable car

>> Overview of cycle routes available online: <<

Kitzbühel leaves nothing to be desired for cycling enthusiasts. From road bikers to marathon mountain bikers and e-bikers, Kitzbühel offers the perfect cycling route for everyone. For road cyclists, we offer 14 brand-new routes of all levels of difficulty covering a total length of over 1,200 kilometres. For mountain bikers and leisure bikers, there are 800 km of cycle and mountain bike trails along romantic rivers, on forest and alpine paths, as well as on crunchy trails.

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